Board of Supervisors


Our Board of Supervisors consists of 9 supervisors, including 1 Shareholder Supervisors, 4 Employee Supervisors and 4 External Supervisors.

Name Position/Title
GUO Dingfang (郭定方) Chief Supervisor,Employee Supervisor
MA Xiaofeng (马晓峰) Shareholder Supervisor
WU Fanghua (吴方华) Employee Supervisor
PENG Zhiyuan(彭志远) Employee Supervisor
CHEN Zhongwei(陈忠伟) Employee Supervisor
GAO Qiang (高强) External Supervisor
ZHANG Fanquan (张范全) External Supervisor
SONG Qinghua (宋清华) External Supervisor
CHENG Sanlian (陈三联) External Supervisor

Special committees under the Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors set up Nominations Committee and Supervisory Committee. The Committees consist of supervisors, selected by and take responsibilities for the Board of Supervisors.