Shareholders’ Meetings

I. Introduction of shareholders’ meetings

The shareholders’ general meeting is the organ of authority of our Bank, consisting of all the shareholders. The general meeting is responsible for the management and supervision of the company via the Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors. Our Bank focuses on the connection with the directors domestic and overseas by way of disclosure of operation results and announcement of material events to maintain full communications with them so as to ensure that all shareholders have equal rights to know, participate and vote and guarantee a scientific decision-making at shareholders’ general meetings and a high quality and efficient work.

II. Particulars of Shareholders

As of June 30, 2016, the details of top ten shareholders in our Bank set out as below:

No. Name of Shareholders Number of Shares Approximate % of Interest Class
1 HKSCC Nominees Limited 3,794,709,000 21.13 H shares
2 Zhejiang Provincial Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. 2,655,443,774 14.79 Domestic shares
3 Traveller Automobile Group 1,346,936,645 7.50 Domestic shares
4 Hengdian Group Holdings Limited 1,242,724,913 6.92 Domestic shares
5 Zhejiang Provincial Energy Group Co., Ltd. 841,177,752 4.68 Domestic shares
6 Minsheng Life Insurance Company Ltd. 803,226,036 4.47 Domestic shares
7 China WanXiang Holding Co., Ltd. 543,710,609 3.03 Domestic shares
8 Zhejiang Yongli Industry Group Co., Ltd. 518,453,371 2.89 Domestic shares
9 Zhejiang RIFA Holding Group Co., Ltd. 518,453,371 2.89 Domestic shares
10 Zhejiang Hengyi High-tech Material Co., Ltd. 508,069,283 2.83 Domestic shares

Note: The shares held by HKSCC Nominees Limited represent the total number of shares in the accounts of H shareholders of China Zheshang Bank as a nominee that are traded on the transaction platform of HKSCC Nominees Limited.