Corporate Governance Overview

Our Bank is consistently committed to improving the structure of corporate governance, reinforcing the effectiveness of corporate governance system and enhancing a scientific decision made by the Board of Directors. According to relevant laws, regulations and regulatory requirements, such as the Company Law of the PRC(《中华人民共和国公司法》), the Securities Law of the PRC(《中国人民共和国证券法》) and the Guidelines on the Corporate Governance of Commercial Banks(《商业银行公司治理指引》), we established a structure of corporate governance in which shareholders’ general meeting, Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors and senior management are separated with each other. Also, each corporate governance body shall operate independently, effective check and balance, mutually cooperate and coordinately operate. At the same time of expanding our business and scale, we are constantly sorting out the relevant regulations of corporate governance, resulting in a relatively complete system and providing a system guarantee for the sound and effectiveness of corporate governance.