Social Responsibility

During the reporting period, the Bank, taking the opportunity of the 10th anniversary of its establishment, found suitable ways to perform its social responsibility and achieved a lot in this regard during the year. Its efforts were recognized by the regulatory authority and the public and it was named “Financial Institution with the Strongest Sense of Social Responsibility” and other honors by China Banking Association.

I. Earnestly fulfil its economic responsibility

In response to the national policy of supporting real economy with financial development, the Bank kept developing financial services for small and micro enterprises and took various measures to “ensure growth, promote transition and benefit the people”, which contributed to the development of real economy. Firstly, we lend full support to the national and local major construction projects: vigorously support the “One Belt, One Road” initiative strategic planning of the state and provide financial support for key construction projects of cities along "One Belt, One Road” initiative and core construction platforms; strongly support the construction and development of state-level new areas like Binhai New Area in Tianjin Municipality and Liangjiang New Area in Chongqing, Zhoushan Archipelago New Area in Zhejiang, etc., and give priority to the industrial agglomeration planning and quality & key projects during the construction of new areas; give substantial support to the local key infrastructure construction and carry out policies in favor of pumping credit into key infrastructure and industrial projects which can provide a remarkable boost to the local economic development. Secondly, we continue to optimize financial services for small and micro enterprises: Intensify policy support and inclination of subsidiary resources. We participated in the establishment of China’s first SME credit guarantee fund, promote institution building and expand service coverage. At the end of the year, we had 95 specialized institutions, accounting for 71% of the total among all branches of our Bank. Our institution building has reached out to the township administrative region. Lower the customer positioning and serve “grassroots” small and micro enterprises. Our pilot micro credit showed a good momentum. We provided financial supports for more “grassroots” small and micro enterprises. By improving the product system and applying innovative payment methods, we formed more than 40 products for three groups including small enterprises, micro enterprises and individual business. In the meantime, we also vigorously promoted innovative products like “three-year loan”, “self-help loan” and “Ru Yi Dai”. Thirdly, we continue to carry out activities themed on "improving credit quality and serving the real economy" and keep expanding the financing channels for the real economy: We introduced the “Yongjin Notes Pool” business for the first time, to earnestly help enterprises improve their notes management and lower financial cost. Render more support to urban railroad transportation and major water conservancy projects by actively using bonds, structured financing, project loans and other means. We brought new energy to the sustainable and sound development of the real economy through investment banking business channels. Fourthly, we actively support the affordable housing construction and other livelihood projects. Our loan projects covered a number of provinces and cities, such as Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu.

II. Assume responsibility for sustainable development

We, in accordance with Green Credit Guidelines and other requirements of regulatory authorities, made efforts to guide the transformation of economic growth mode, supported industrial structural transformation and exercised strict control over credits for "high-energy-consuming and high-emission industries". Firstly, Our Bank is required to enhance environmental and social risk management of credit supply concerning guidance and control of credit operations and structural adjustment of credit business by constantly strengthening environmental and social risk prevention and management so as to incorporate environmental and social risk management into its risk management policy. Secondly, we substantially support green credit; firmly establish the concept of green credit in the Bank; give priority consideration to the granting of loans to projects encouraged by industrial policies and technical innovation and renovation projects in the field of energy conservation and emissions reduction. We focused on investing in manufacturing of special equipment for environmental protection, development of energy-saving products, comprehensive utilization of waste water, waste gas and waste material, housing projects for energy conservation and environment protection, water pollution control and promotion of advanced environmental protection technologies, so as to effectively promote the development of ecological civilization. Thirdly, we exercise strict control over credits for "high-energy-consuming and high-emission industries", adjust their access conditions in the credit rating, asset size, technology, environmental protection and energy consumption indicators, practice quota management on credits for the steel, cement and other industries, and strictly control the risks of credits for “high-energy-consuming and high-emission industries and overcapacity industry”. Fourthly, We also proactively respond to the significant strategy of “Five-water Governance” (五水共治) in Zhejiang Province and involve in the governance by increasing support to a number of key “Five-water Governance” projects on flood control and regulation of the main stream of Yaojiang River in Yuyan City and enriching the financing channels of “Five-water Governance” through integrated utilization of financial instruments on-and-off-balance sheet and product and business model innovation.

III. Actively fulfil social moral responsibility

Our Bank actively performs its social moral responsibilities and participates in social welfare undertakings for long. It also leads the staff to devote themselves to voluntary activities and insists a variety of charitable activities, including making donations for education, poverty and disaster relief and helping the disadvantaged groups. During this process, our Bank formed a whole set of education-donation system covering primary school, middle school and colleges. Firstly, our Bank continues to carry forward the fine tradition of utilizing saved branch and sub-branch start-up expenses in charitable donation. On August 18, 2004 when our Bank was at its inception, it initiated the program of “Flying Eyas — Education-assistance to Thousands of Needy Students” (雏鹰起飞——千名贫困学子助学计划) and used the saved expenses from opening ceremony together with certain contributions totaling approximately RMB5.28 million for hope projects construction of Zhejiang Province, thereby forming its fine tradition of utilizing saved branch and sub-branch start-up expenses in local charitable donations. Hereafter, our Bank actively promoted various charitable donation activities of institutions within its jurisdiction, and made donations to Xi’an Jieguanting Town Central Primary School, Tonghe Nursing Homes of Gansu Charity Federation, Southwest University, Suzhou University, China Foundation for Development of Financial Education and Liaoning University for a total of over RMB8.8 million successively in the opening ceremonies of multi-branches in Xi’an, Chongqing, Suzhou and Shenyang. Secondly, our Bank insists in implementing Rainbow Plan. Since 2012, our Bank, jointly with Zhejiang TV and Charity Foundation of Zhejiang, has been conducting Rainbow Plan, a large-scale donation for education activity for four consecutive years. There were totally more than RMB10 million raised from society donations in these four annual activities, of which nearly RMB2.09 million were raised from CZB Charity Fund and our staff in a voluntary way, and over 10,000 students were assisted. Thirdly, our Bank actively carries out various donation activities for disaster areas, and helps the disadvantaged groups. We established the CZB Charity Fund, actively participated in public welfare undertakings and carried out various donation activities for disaster areas by ways of blood donation, material donation, money donation and volunteer activities. In 2008, after the occurrence of Wenchuan Earthquake, our Bank called for the staff to be involved in the “love Wenchuan, and give love” (情系汶川,奉献爱心) program, with our total contribution reaching RMB3.2 million. In 2009, our Bank donated the fund for the celebration of our fifth anniversary, which was RMB2 million, to Taiwan victims of Typhoon Morakot. In 2010, after the occurrence of Yushu Earthquake, our Bank initiated the earthquake contributions proposal for Yushu, donating a total of RMB2 million. In 2013, after the occurrence of Lushan Earthquake in Ya'an and Minxian Earthquake in Gansu, our Bank made a total donation of RMB2.53 million. Fourthly, our Bank paid a great attention to consumer rights protection. In 2015, we established a consumer rights protection center and built up a professional team for consumer rights protection. We carried out consumer rights protection learning activities and online knowledge competitions held by China Banking Association and were awarded National Advanced Collective. In addition, our employee was awarded National Advanced Individual. We created 5 ways to ensure the education campaigns, such as Broadcasting Financial Literacy to Thousands of Families (金融知识进万家活动) and Financial Literacy Month (金融知识普及月) carried out by our Bank are going smoothly, among others, we established Financial Course for Teenagers (雏鹰金融课堂) at Xiangyang school in Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou (a school for migrant workers' children) which had broadcasted extensively by City Channel of ZTV2 (钱江都市频道), HTV1 (杭州电视台), The Voice of Zhejiang (浙江之声) and (杭州网). We received groups of financial consumers to visit and introduced our specialized services (such as Zengjinbao) to them, which got a well evaluation from customers. We also produced an anti-fraud micro film (Keep Your Eyes Open (《请擦亮您的双眼》) and participated in cartoon micro films collection and broadcasting for national rule of law, which enhanced the anti-fraud capacities of financial consumers.