Development Strategies

I. Vision

The Bank aims to be the most competitive nationwide joint-stock commercial bank and Zhejiang’s most important financial platform by around 2025.
Being most competitive means having noticeable competitive edges in innovation, risk control, market service and value creation in the national and even global market. The most important financial platform refers to a Zhejiang representative financial group featured by multiple functions, large scale, good performance, good reputation.

II. Strategic positioning

Following the example of advanced peers in different fields, the Bank strives to be a knowledge-intensive bank with entrepreneurship and innovation capability, a tacit partner for other banks, a recognized financial advisor for corporate customers, a needy helper for small and micro enterprises and the most trusted wealth manager for individual customers.

III. Development philosophy

Reform, cooperation and innovation.
Reform: embrace social reform and economic transition, bear the cost of reform and come up with new ideas, methods and systems.
Cooperation: have benign interaction with stakeholders to give play to our respective advantages and take what we need so as to share advantages, channels, benefits and risks.
Innovation: actively respond to the trends of information technology and mixed operation, establish a distributed innovation mechanism, meet the needs of customers, improve customer experience, and create market opportunities.

IV. Operation philosophy

“Full-asset class operation” .
Realize transition from single participation in credit market to balanced management and intensive operation in the credit market, currency market, capital market, futures market, foreign exchange market, etc., and promote the development of credit assets, trading assets, inter-bank assets and investment assets. Promote asset-driven liability business model, expand core liabilities and come up with diversified modes of active liability. Come up with new asset-liability management methods and instruments to reinvent the balance sheet and improve market competitiveness and influence.

V. Management philosophy

Comprehensive benchmarking management.
Continue to promote benchmarking management covering various businesses, functions, procedures and levels, set up an open management platform and become a learning organization. Aiming at “outperforming the market, realizing benchmarking management and racing to the top”, we follow the example of well-performing peers, make our development speed faster than industry average in a short time through scientific and systematic study, imitation and innovation, keep narrowing the gap between us and industry leaders, strive to set an industry benchmark in certain fields, and keep improving our operational management level and market competitiveness.

VI.Risk management philosophy

Comprehensive risk management.
Under the framework of the New Capital Accord, we establish a risk management system suitable for “ full-asset class operation”. Aiming at “controlling risk and creating value”, we coordinate the relations among reform, business development and risk control, grasp the relationship between access threshold and risk tolerance, cover various risks including strategy risk, credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, operational risk, information technology risk and reputation risk, value strategy, timeliness and dynamism, and realize risk control covering all assets, all liabilities and the whole procedure.